Qubicle Supported File Types

Are you interested in importing your existing artwork into Qubicle? In this post I will discuss the different file types supported by the Qubicle Voxel Editor.

Supported Files in Qubicle

When creating voxel art sometimes it’s better to start from an existing voxel model or even using a piece of pixel art created in Photoshop. Some other voxel editors that exist today don't support very many file types. Fortunately Qubicle, a proprietary software by Minddesk supports a wide array of file types depending on what you’re trying to import.

Now before we go into the specific file types supported by Qubicle its important to classify your existing artwork. If you are working with 2D graphics files such as PNG and JPG,  Qubicle will literally import your file as a voxel model that is 1 voxel thick. From there you can add more depth to create a more filling 3D model. On the other hand if you're importing a 3D model you'll use the voxelizer tool built into Qubicle. This tool supports the OBJ format. When you import your model you can set the size of the model inside of the scale settings. The last option is if you are importing your artwork from another voxel software. Qubicle works well with a wide range of compatible applications which we will discuss below.
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How to import an existing file into Qubicle?

Qubicle supports many file types for importing objects into a scene including .QBCL by Minddesk and .VOX by MagicaVoxel as well as image file types including .JPG and .PNG.

To import a file into Qubicle simply click File > Import

Inside of the file menu Qubicle lists out all the file types that are compatible. Below is a full list of the supported file types by Qubicle as of 3.0.

What file types are supported by Qubicle?

Qubicle File Types

These are files created from Qubicle either in 3.0 or previous versions.
  • QBCL - Project File (Created when you create a new file win Qubicle)
  • QB - Qubicle Binary is a binary format used commonly in voxel games. It is the same as QBT but doesn't support hierarchies.
  • QBT - Qubicle Binary Tree is a binary forma that supports hierarchies.
  • QEF - Qubicle Exchange is the oldest exchange file format supported by Qubicle.
  • Qubicle Constructor 1.x Model QMO - This is a legacy file type used by the very first version of Qubicle.
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Third-Party Voxel File Types

These are files created from Third party voxel editors such as MagicaVoxel and Paint3D. 
  • MagicaVoxel VOX - This is the file format used by the popular open-source voxel editor MagicaVoxel. Very useful for importing content created there into Qubicle.
  • Paint3D - File format of the voxel editor Paint3D.
  • Voxlap VOX - Object format of the Voxlap voxel engine. Supports a maximum of 254 colors.
  • Voxlap KV6 - Alternative object format for the Voxlap engine.
  • BINVOX - A freeware command line voxelizer.
  • Schematic - The unofficial exchange format for Minecraft.
  • Rawvox - The exchange format for 3D-Coat
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Image File Types

These are standard 2D image files that can be imported into Qubicle. This is extremely useful for converting pixel art into voxel art.
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIF
  • JPG
  • BMP


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