Mega Voxel Jam Theme Results

Well the time is almost here for our first ever Voxel Jam! First off thanks to everyone who participated in our poll that we had on Instagram. There were so many suggestions I literally had to get off work early to start writing them all down! You guys are the best!

So without any further delays, here are the results based on over a thousands inquiries from our poll we had over the weekend!

Mega Voxel Jam Theme Poll

Theme Votes (%)
Animals / Zoo (Winner) 20%
Medieval 11%
Fantasy 9%
Nature 7%
Halloween 6%
City 5%
Islands 5%
Food 5%
Space 4%
Dungeons 4%
Future 3%
Sci-fi 3%
Japanese 3%
Puzzle 2%
Water 2%
Memes 2%
Architecture 2%
Space 2%
Mythology 2%
War 1%
Magic 1%
Steampunk 1%
Abstract 1%
Meditative 1%
Tree Forts 1%
Blue 1%
80's 1%
RPG 1%
Yoshi 1%
Robots 1%
Victorian 1%
Outside the Box 1%
Famous Movies 1%
Towers 1%
Creatures 1%
Cave 1%
School 1%
Exoplanets 1%
Mechanical 1%
Clouds 1%
Factory 1%
Archipelago 1%
The Oceanias 1%
Terraformed Mars 1%

As you can see the winner is clearly the Animal/Zoo category! Thanks again for everyone who voted! We will be posting the rules and the prizes for the first Mega Voxel Jam tomorrow so stay tuned! The jam is set for September 25th. See you then!


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