New Story Categories Coming Soon To Mega Voxels on Instagram

Mega Voxels showcases Voxel Art and Games

Hello again everyone! We are entering the last season of the year and the voxel art that has been submitted for featuring is simply amazing! Voxel artists are creating everything from trees, to houses, to cars, to characters and more! Thanks to this, voxel art is becoming more and more popular. The response has been amazing and every week we are helping more and more artists and developers get their voxel creations in front of the world.

One of the main ways that we try to help our friends who make voxel creations is to feature their work on the top of Mega Voxels on Instagram. This helps voxel creators get seen by thousands of people who love voxel art and games. Over the past few months dozens of creations have been added in here. Needless to say the engagement on these stories has been fantastic! Voxel creators are able to drive more traffic to their profiles to show off their work to people all over the world. However we never imagined it would become so popular.

The flip side to this, is that some of these categories are getting very big and it's making it harder for new creations to get seen. Because of this we have decided to break up some of the categories that exist right now and add new categories to allow more artists an opportunity to share their work. This will work in conjunction with our new Pinterest page to help people learn more about artists who make a specific type of art. So for example someone is looking for an artist that makes great nature scenes, they will be able to follow them more easily by going into the Nature category.

In addition to this we will also be updating the tags on the existing stories to help drive the most traffic for our creators. The changes are based on the trends we've seen as well as feedback from artists and the community here on Mega Voxels.

So over the next week we will be making the following changes to the story section on Mega Voxels:

Categories that will be added:

  • Nature
  • Houses
  • Rooms
  • Characters
  • Pokemon
  • Film
  • Tutorials
  • Indie
  • Water
Categories that will be broken up:
  • Mega Hit
Categories that will remain:
  • Top Art (Art of the Month)
  • Food
  • Vehicles
  • Architecture
  • Memes
  • Animals
  • Voxel Jam

For all the artists and developers that were featured in the Mega Hit category, your work will be placed into an existing category or one of the newer categories. 

Also note that ALL art and games that are in a category right now will be added again with new tags. So look out for those in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for your feedback and your time. Whether you're an artist, developer or fan, your support is helping make this possible. Let's change the world one voxel at a time!


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