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Get your game on! We test drive the best voxel games on the App Store and Google Play. Browse our collection of favorites below.

Featured Games
Crossy Road Castle
Crossy Road Castle on Apple Arcade

Guide the infamous chicken and friends through traps and hazards while letting the bad guys have it in this super fun mobile platformer! Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac through Apple Arcade!
Tiny Tomb
Tiny Tomb - Dungeon Crawler

If you like RPG games then you'll love this bite-size adventure game by TinyCorp. Solve puzzles, collect items and explore different dungeons! Get it for Free on the App Store & Google Play!
Puzzrama Voxel Game - Mega Voxels

This fun puzzle game takes traditional jigsaw puzzles to the next level. Connect the pixel art pieces together to create amazing voxel creations!

Arcade Games

Crossy Road
This arcade classic is a load of fun and easy to play. Help the chicken and his friends hop across the road while avoiding hazards and traps!

Rodeo Stampede
Saddle up and get ready to embark on new kind of safari. Hop from animal to animal, as you find the rarest animals for your zoo while surviving a giant stampede!
Blocky Raider
Imagine embarking on an amazing adventure with obstacles and traps at every turn. In this fun arcade game lead your hero through perilous pitfalls and challenges as you collect golden treasures and try to reach the high score! 
Pokémon Quest
How can catching Pokemon be any better? By making them voxel of course! Become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world as you catch as many fun voxel Pokemon as you can! 
Wrecking Ball!

If your not into making things with voxel then you might want to try smashing them! This fun little game gives you a wrecking ball with dozens of voxel models to crush!
Get ready to play the best voxel games in the world! Mega Voxels has a huge selection of the top voxel video games for iPhone, iPad and Android. We feature games from all the latest categories including arcade, action, adventure, casual, puzzle and more! Whether your a hardcore gamer or just playing games for the first time, we have a mobile game that we're sure you'll love.

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