Voxel Max Tutorials for Creating Voxel Art

Learn how to create your own voxel creations with our list of Voxel Max tutorials for making voxel art. Browse our list of tutorials, courses and resources to get up to speed on the awesome features Voxel Max has to offer voxel artists. Start learning today!

Mega Voxels Tutorials & Resources

Here you can find Voxel Max tutorials for creating voxel art and games by the Mega Voxels Team!
  • How to Install Voxel Max
  • Voxel Max Tutorial For Beginners
  • How to Export from Voxel Max
  • How to Import MagicaVoxel to Voxel Max
These are some quick guides and resources by the team to help you speed up your workflow in Voxel Max.
  • Voxel Max for MagicaVoxel Artist
  • What is Voxel Max?
  • How to Use MagicaVoxel

Community Tutorials

Here are some links to MagicaVoxel tutorials by the community.
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Get the Voxel Max Editor

Check out the official MagicaVoxel website to get the latest version of the MagicaVoxel editor!
  1. Voxel Max

Advanced Tutorials

  • Coming Soon...

Why Learn Voxel Max?

When Voxel Max first launched its primary goal was to provide a voxel editor that you could take with you on your iPhone and iPad without sacrificing the feature set that is expected in professional voxel editors. Today Voxel Max is now in open beta and has added dozens of features making it a solid choice for creating your own voxel art. In addition to being able to carry your voxel art with you, Voxel Max is also currently developing a macOS version of the editor as well. Here at Mega Voxels we are striving to help the next generation of voxel artists create their own creations while supporting the current voxel artist community. Whatever your goal is we are here to help you get started. The resources above have everything you need to become the next voxel star!


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