400 Free Voxel Models for Creating Voxel Art and Games

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Free Voxel Models

Just came across an awesome resource that I wanted to share with everyone. Mike Judge created a GitHub project that contains a set of 400 free voxel models for creating artwork and games.

This awesome pack of free voxel models is loaded with content. So the project is broken into several categories to help you sort through. Some of the major categories include: characters, vehicles, buildings, suburban homes, city props, special characters, and environmental props. The characters category includes your traditional characters like ordinary people. The vehicles category contains models like cars and a fire engine. The suburban homes has normal houses in several colors. The city props has various items like lamp posts and postal boxes. The special characters category comes with models like zombies and aliens. And the last category, environmental props comes with several environment props like trees and patches of grass. If you check out the screenshots one the GitHub page you can kind of get an idea of how these assets work together.
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Here is a list of categories that are included in the pack:

  • Cars
  • Characters
  • Buildings
  • Homes
  • Props
  • Trees
  • Fences

One of the awesome things about this resource is that all of these models were created using Magicavoxel. He even included the .VOX files so you can edit them to your liking inside of MagicaVoxel. If you're a Qubicle user you should have no problem importing this as well, as Qubicle supports MagicaVoxel .vox files. However if you like them the way they are, he also included FBX and Collada folders with the models in that file type so you can import them into Maya or a game engine of your choice. Speaking of game engine he also left another bonus. A unity plugin folder that has all the models set up as prefabs for Unity. He even added colliders which are necessary for any type of physics interactions. The only thing to bare in mind is that the characters are not rigged for animation, so you might have to set that up in a program like Blender or Maya.
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All in all the pack gives you a lot of voxel models for free. One other thing to keep in mind is that this pack is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You are completely free to use this for personal and commercial projects, just please give attribution to Mike Judge with a link to project page on Github. Thanks everyone! You can check out the pack and the included license by following the link below:
Mini Mike's Metro Minis


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