How to Install MagicaVoxel

Hello everyone! In this post I will be showing you how to install MagicaVoxel for macOS and Windows computers. MagicaVoxel is an extremely popular piece of software created by @ephtracy for creating voxel art! What makes it more amazing is that its absolutely free!

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Getting Started 

First you will need to download MagicaVoxel to your machine. Head on over to the official site for MagicaVoxel. Once there you'll see this at the top of the page:

MagicaVoxel Home Page

For Windows users you have the option to download 32 or 64 bit versions, which are the first two buttons respectively. Those are the buttons with the label "win32" and "win64". Right next to it is a button labeled macOS. This is for any Macintosh computer. Go ahead and click on whichever one matches your machine. The download is relatively small so it shouldn't take too long.

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An Extra Note for macOS Users

If you are installing this on an Apple computer running macOS there is one additional step you have to take to open MagicaVoxel. When you download MagicaVoxel you will see the file located inside of the Zip file:

MagicaVoxel App on macOS

When you double click on the app you'll notice that it doesn't open. This is because macOS has blocked the app from running. Since this app came from the internet macOS assumes it isn't safe and  automatically cancels opening the app. To fix this simply open up the System Preferences on your Mac:

Adjust System Preferences for MagicaVoxel

Once in there go ahead and click on the icon that says "Security & Privacy". This will take you to the menu that helps manage security on your Mac:

Give permission for MagicaVoxel to run on macOS

Now that you clicked that you should see a screen titled "Security and Privacy". On the bottom half of the screen there should be an area titled "Allow apps downloaded from:". This controls whether an app is allowed to run or not depending on where it came from. Most Macs by default do not allow apps installed outside of the Mac App Store. Since MagicaVoxel is open source it's included in that category and therefore does not run. To fix this simply click the "Open Anyway" button as seen below. This will allow MagicaVoxel to run on your machine.

Install MagicaVoxel

And there you go! MagicaVoxel should work like a charm!

MagicaVoxel running on macOS

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MagicaVoxel Blank Screen on macOS

Some users have reported that when they open MagicaVoxel on macOS for the first time, they see a blank screen. 

MagicaVoxel shows a black screen

To fix this problem simply drag the file outside of the folder that it came in. Then drag it back into the folder again. Now when you open it MagicaVoxel should launch normally.

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We created a video version of this tutorial on Youtube if you would like to watch the full process.


  1. Hello friends, I have a problem with the 64-bit version of Windows and it is that I start it but nothing happens, it never starts the application. Could you please help me...

    1. Hi. Did you try right clicking on it and running as an administrator?

    2. I have this problem too, nothing happens when I start the 64 bit exe file on windows 10..
      I tried running that as an administtrator, but nothing happens.

    3. Did you manage to solve? I also have this problem. So far I have not found a solution

    4. Did you manage to solve? I also have this problem. So far I have not found a solution

    5. did you manage to solve? I also have this problem. So far I have not found a solution

    6. did you manage to solve? I also have this problem. So far I have not found a solution

    7. did you manage to solve? I also have this problem. So far I have not found a solution

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi, i am running mac os catalina, and i can't seems to run the app properly as all i see is just a blank black screen of the software. please help me on what i should do.

  4. I have a problem. When I start MagicaVoxel nothing happens. Tried unpacking, running as administrator, nothing helps. Tell me how to solve the problem?

  5. I want to uninstall Magica Voxel as I am not using it. It doesn't show up on my add/remove programs list. How do I uninstall the program? Do I just find the files and delete them?


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