Qubicle Voxel Editor

Qubicle Voxel Editor

Qubicle is a professional voxel editor created by Minddesk to help artists create 3D voxel models for art and games. It is available for computers running Windows or macOS.

When it comes to professional game projects Qubicle has been the clear choice for game developers. If you visit their site you will find multiple hit games that developed art for their games using Qubicle. Some of the hit titles include Crossy Road and Shooty Skies.

Qubicle as a program is similar to Magicavoxel in many ways. It gives creators the ability to add, edit, move and paint voxels on a 3D grid called a "Matrix". It also provides creators with several export options. 

However there are some advantages to Qubicle over Magicavoxel. Qubicle gives you the option to export to Maya FBX, OBJ, and Collada (.DAE), whereas Magicavoxel only provides the OBJ export option. Also Magicavoxel restricts the 3D grid that you build inside of to 128x128x128. Qubicle has no limit on the size of the matrix you build inside of.

Qubicle has a free trial version you can try to so you can get a feel of the software. As of this post there is an Indie license starting at $75. You can download the trial and full version at the website below:


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