Keyboard Shortcuts for Qubicle

NOTE: The Qubicle voxel editor is now Deprecated. This post is provided for legacy information.
We highly recommend that you build your voxel art using Mega Voxels Play.
Qubicle is, without a doubt, one of the best voxel editors available today. Its easy to pick up and has tons of features for creating great voxel models. However, to get the most productivity out of Qubicle its incredibly important to learn the keyboard commands and shortcuts for switching between tools and different options. Below is a list of all the keyboard commands in Qubicle:

Standard Tools

Key(s) Name Description
V Move Tool Translates an object or selection of voxels.
M Rectangular Select Tool Selects objects or voxels.
I Eyedropper Tool Picks a color from the matrix.
B Pencil Tool This draws a color onto an existing voxel. If there is no voxel it will draw an initial voxel onto the surface of the 3D grid that was clicked.
A Attach Voxel Tool Adds voxels to existing voxels in the matrix.
E Eraser Tool Deletes voxels that are clicked.

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Standard Commands

Key(s) on Mac Key(s) on Windows Name Description
CMD + C CTRL + C Copy Copies a model or set of voxels to the clipboard.
CMD + V CTRL + V Paste Pastes a model or set of voxels in the scene.
CMD + O CTRL + O Open Opens the file dialogue for a QBCL file.
This list of Qubicle shortcuts is always being updated to help voxel creators build their creations faster and easier. We are always open to new tips or suggestions. Is there a shortcut we're missing? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!


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