Mega Voxels Hits 20,000 followers on Instagram

It's amazing to think that less than 9 months ago we all started this insane journey together. When we first launched Mega Voxels we had no idea that there were so many people who had the same passion as us for voxels! 20,000 followers later, we are so excited that we have reached this milestone together. Of course, this could not be possible without the support of so many amazing people.

For starters, we can't tell you how amazing its been to talk with the incredible voxel artists around the world that create some of the stunning pieces of art you see everyday on Mega Voxels. It has truly been a humbling experience. Everything from gorgeous landscapes to stunning architectural masterpieces, there is no limits to what these artists can make with voxels.

And then there is our amazing group of followers who love voxels just as much as we do! Your support, whether it was sharing a post or simply hitting the thumbs up, has made a HUGE difference by helping spread the word about the exciting world of voxels! We can't thank you enough for making Mega Voxels a part of your day, everyday.


Now that we hit the 20k mark, there are some exciting things coming up! We have created a little roadmap of where we're going for the rest of the year:

September 25th - Mega Voxel Jam
We will be hosting our first ever Voxel Jam! It will last 1 week. We will have some cool featured spots and stories on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our website for the winners! We should have more details by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

October 1st - Artist of the Week
As mentioned before we will begin doing our new Voxel Artist of the Week. See some of our favorite pieces of voxel art from some of the coolest voxel artists in the world! Artists, we will be messaging you with more details so keep an eye out for that!

Some other important stuff:

Attention Game Developers!
Do you have a voxel game that you would like to share with the community? Message us on Instagram or Facebook to be considered for our Play page on

Attention Voxel Artists with Tutorials!
Would you like to get your tutorial seen by our community? There are thousands of people who want to learn how to do voxel art. Message us on Instagram or Facebook if you would like your tutorial to be considered for inclusion on our Build page.



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