Best Voxel Art Buildings

In this blog post we have created a list of the best voxel buildings that were shared through Mega Voxels. Below are the top voxel buildings and the names of the voxel artists who created them. We are constantly updating this page so be sure to check back for new voxel art!

Voxel Electric Shop Building

Voxel Electric Shop Building

This amazing voxel building by @hardbone01was an instant favorite among voxel artists and enthusiasts alike. Not only was the 3D structure of this building really well made, but the pixel art texturing made this look all the more amazing. The stains on the walls and even the different colored tiles on the roof really take this structure to another level. Awesome voxel art!

Voxel Cyber Punk City

Voxel Cyber Punk City

What a fantastic cyber punk city by @Elena_dudnakova! The placement of the buildings looks great together. The neon effects in combination with the dark blue surrounding really make you feel like you entered a futuristic city. Really great color choice!

Voxel Barber Shop Building

Voxel Barber Shop Building

Buildings are a specialty of @Uevoxel! And judging by the detail that went into this little voxel barbershop you can see why. Everything from the glass windows to the vines on the side make this building look like its 3D printed. Such attention to detail!

Blocky 1950 City Buildings

Blocky Buildings City

We are a huge fan of @Polyplanet because of their blocky style of 3D art. This concept of the 1950's has a nice blend of blocky buildings and roads and adds a small touch of angles and custom fonts to give it an accent. Needless to say the color choice really ties it together.

Voxel Bakery Shop Building

Voxel Bakery Shop

According to @Jerehoh this voxel building was created based on a bakery they saw in Lyon. One of the nice things about voxel art is that it always looks a million times better as a voxel model. So many nice details and extrusions on this bakery. From this perspective you begin to imagine what this scene is like in real life with people shopping at the bakery and birds flying around. Excellent work!

Neon Voxel Buildings

Neon Voxel Buildings

This Neon lights always look better in voxels! This really cool city scene by @Bm.sketch shows just how awesome it is to work with neon in MagicaVoxel. If you look closely you can also see a nice blend of reflections in the buildings and floor as well. Very cool!

Voxel Glass Building Concept

Voxel Glass Building

We have always been big fans of glass in voxel art! It just looks so cool. So when @N.y.handapangoda made a building concept that was 90% glass we just had to add it to the list. Love the way it came out. It's so cool to see the offices through the glass windows. The lights are placed really good as well. Nice job!

Voxel Kayaba Coffee Building

Voxel Coffee Building

When it comes to buildings @Knosvoxel spares no expense at going all out on the details. Just take the roof for example. Those are all individual roof tiles remade using voxels! As you work your way down the building you have to appreciate the perfect placement of thousands of voxels to remake this gorgeous voxel cafe! Exceptional voxel art!

Inception Voxel City

Voxel Inception CityVoxel Inception Buildings

A really cool movie was made even cooler thanks to @Pintokyogames! What an amazing job converting the most iconic scene in the movie into a stunning display of voxel mastery! Those buildings look fantastic! Also I love the concept of how the city looks like a cube instead of the curve used in the movie! Very creative!


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