Best Voxel Art Trees

In this blog post we have created a list of some great voxel trees that were shared through Mega Voxels. Below are voxel trees and the names of the voxel artists who created them. We are constantly updating this page so be sure to check back for new voxel art!

The Voxel Memory Tree

This incredible fusion of pixel art and voxel art by @rgznsk recreates an iconic moment of Ellie from the Last of Us series. The details on this tree and the surrounding landscape is truly an art in itself. The mood goes perfect with the type of game it is and makes you understand how the main character is deep in thought of a particular memory.

Voxel Simulation Tree

This stunning creation by @madmaraca is part 3 of a great series called the Simulation Trilogy. @madmaraca has definitely made a name for herself in the voxel art community by creating massive voxel scenes. This particular creation was no exception. One thing that stands out is how the tree appears to grow out of silicon board, like a computer.
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Peaceful Voxel Tree

This voxel tree by @niko.sandusky came out so perfect it almost looks natural. Every leaf on the tree, including the branches is actually made up of voxel cubes. The blocks really add to the texture of the elements here. Great work!

Voxel Samurai Under the Tree

Doing more with less is one of our favorite elements of voxel art. This scene by @knosvoxel is a fantastic example of this. You can almost feel the atmosphere in this scene and yet if you study closely you can see the voxels pop out at you. Very nice work.
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Voxel Bonsai Tree

This scene by the @theprogabo_art was a mega hit on our IG. This bonsai tree has major Minecraft vibes on it thanks to the grid size used to create it. Despite its large scale, you can still make out the tree and the surrounding elements. Of course some of the extra effects like the transparent water and smoke add some extra magic to the scene.

Sushi Box with a Voxel Tree

We totally love the unique concept by @voxelspace of adding a voxel cherry blossom tree in the middle of a sushi box. On top of that the color palette used in this scene is literally perfect. Gorgeous details on the voxel art.
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Voxel Trees by the Lake

Originally this scene by @dimasvoxel was supposed to focus on the fishing scene, however it didn't take long for our followers to point out the incredible looking trees in the background. When it comes to trees @dimasvoxel is a master.

Daydream Voxel Tree

This voxel scene by @guillaumeboizante looks straight out of a day dream! The massive voxel tree in the back add so much mysticism to the scene. Can you believe that its constructed entirely out of cubes? Amazing piece of art.
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Magical Voxel Tree

Our followers loved the look of this tree by @heavyl_graphics, and we couldn't agree more! What makes this tree look so interesting is the circular style on the trunk, when in fact it is still following a voxel grid perfectly. It's a wonderful optical illusion.

Voxel Firefly Tree

Really neat voxel tree by @h0l0vr. What stands out is the great emission effects caused by the fireflies surrounding the tree. They stand out nicely against the rich red leaves of the tree. This gives off a cool feel that the tree is alive amongst a bunch of cold, colorless trees.
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