Best Voxel Art Houses

In this blog post we have created a list of some great voxel houses that were shared through Mega Voxels. Below are voxel houses and the names of the voxel artists who created them. We are constantly updating this page so be sure to check back for new voxel art!

Storybook Voxel House

This fantastic voxel house by @eupholace looks like it was taken out of a storybook. The texturing is just amazing! The size of voxel gives it a very "Minecraft" kind of style as well. Very nice!

Traditional Voxel House

If there was an idea for the perfect voxel house, this one by @semi158cm would definitely come up! The structure of the home, like the roof and windows looks really good. The color choice matches perfectly with this type of house. Really great work.
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Old Fashioned Voxel House

This voxel home by @hardbone01 has always been one of my favorites. Every voxel counts in this gorgeous piece of voxel art. I thought the leaves on the floor being represented as voxels was a nice touch.

Voxel Mountain Home

The neat part about this voxel home by @maine_coon_forever is the awesome mountain cliff that it was built on top of. If you look closely towards the bottom there is actually an entrance that leads through the mountain all the way to the front door. Very creative!
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Peaceful Voxel Lake House

You can feel the peaceful atmosphere of this house by @henry_voxel. Aside from the comfy cabin home, there is so much voxel details that went into the grass and trees. The character fishing was a great addition and sets the mood of the scene. Excellent job!

Voxel Estate House

I actually recently saw a film with a house that looked similar to this one by @toolvox. Really like the architecture of the house and the nice little wall surrounding the perimeter. Great voxel house!
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Spooky House Estate

This was actually a remake of a previous voxel house by @necrobombicon. Why did we choose this one? Because it looks spooky and mysterious of course! Total fan of the color choice here. It looks like there is some kind of dark magic that surrounds this house! Awesome work!

Voxel Kayaba Coffee Building

Once I saw the amazing clouds surrounding this voxel house by @heavyl_graphics I was totally amazed! The house, tree and floating island look amazing! But the creativity of the scene is just as cool. This reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk. A home floating in the clouds waiting to be discovered.
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Sunny Voxel House

Why are we such a fan of @sarah_gapp? Because she is a master at making really cool voxel art at a super tiny scale! The simplicity of this scene and the vibrant color choice made it an easy pick for this list. Always a treat to share her work!

Voxel Autumn House

Seriously this voxel house by @dimasvoxel is quite literally a piece of art! The detail of those trees and the awesome little details on the house are fun to look at. The lighting and color choice blend perfectly with the models themselves. Really nice!
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Voxel Forest Home

My first reaction was that this voxel house was actually real. Then I realized it was just another incredibly built voxel model by @knosvoxel. I mean they really don't get any better than that. Phenomenal job!

Voxel Apartment House

This is one of several voxel houses and buildings by @uevoxel. This house is one of my all time favorites. Everything you see in this scene is made of voxels. Perfect placement and awesome color choice.


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