How to Increase the Max Size in Mega Voxels Play

Mega Voxels Play allows you to create models with a small amount of voxels, but it also supports joining smaller voxel models together to make bigger models with lots of voxels. In this tutorial, we will show you how to increase the size of your voxel model beyond the Mega Voxels Play size limit.

How to Increase the Max Size in Mega Voxels Play

You may have noticed that a lot of voxel art featured on Mega Voxels is a lot bigger than the max size limit supported by Mega Voxels Play. You may be asking, how do I increase the MagicaVoxel size limit? As of this post, the stable version of MagicaVoxel only supports 126x126x126 sized models. Fortunately there is a great feature in MagicaVoxel called the World Editor. We’ll be going through the steps on how to create multiple voxel models in a single scene, and use the World editor to combine them together to make a bigger model.
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What is the Maximum Model Size in Mega Voxels Play

As of this writing, Mega Voxels Play only supports creating models with a max size of 126x126x126. There is a future update in the works that will allow models of 256x256x256 to be created but as of right now the limit is currently 126x126x126.

So how do artists get around this limitation and create massive looking scenes? The answer is actually quite simple, they use the World Editor to combine multiple models together making a scene that is much larger than the max size.

Getting Started

First let’s open up the Mega Voxels Play app. For this example we will get a castle model from the shop. If you have a model that you would like to use simply skip to the next step. If not, this is how to add a castle to an empty scene. Start by tapping on the tab at the bottom that says Shop. Then scroll down until you see Castles category. Tap on the See All button.

Once you are in this category we are going to select the largest castle because it is already at the 126 voxel limit.

Once you tap the model you will most likely have to options for accessing the model. Simply watch a quick advertisement to get it for free, or purchase a monthly subscription and get access to this model and many more instantly.

Once you purchase the model, you will be given a choice whether to add the model to the current open scene or create a new scene with the model. Go ahead and select New Scene so that the castle is the only thing in the scene. 
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Working in the World Editor

By default when you navigate to the Create tab, you are already inside of the World Editor. The World editor allows you to move your models around, rotate them, delete them and more! In this case we will be duplicating our castle model. By doing this we will essentially be creating a scene that is twice the limit. To do this simply select the model and tap the Duplicate button.

When you tap the Duplicate button it will add another duplicate of the castle model into your scene. This new model is completely independent from the original. To emphasize this concept, we edit the second the model in the next step.

Editing the Second Model

Now that you have two models in the same scene go ahead and tap on the second model and then tap the Edit button.

You may have noticed that the screen interface has changed. You are now in the Model editor. This is where you can modify the model itself like adding voxels and painting voxels different colors. 

Go ahead and feel free to modify the castle however you like. For this example we did something simple and decided to Fill paint some parts of the castle green. The tools we used are highlighted in blue.

When you are done editing your model tap the back arrow on the top left of the editor to return back to World Mode. Congratulations, you have now added two models to a single scene which adds up to 256 voxels wide. Here is the result!

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Wrap Up

This simple technique is the starting point for creating huge voxel worlds with dozens of voxel models and still abiding by Mega Voxels Play's size limit. If you have any questions please ask below. Also if you found this tutorial helpful, please consider sharing.


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