What is Mega Voxels?

Are you ready to start learning how to make your own voxel art? Mega Voxels is the perfect choice for beginner voxel artists.

Mega Voxels is a free voxel software app for iOS and Android that gives artists the ability to build and create awesome voxel art fast and easy with a familiar set of 3D modeling tools. This powerful mobile voxel editor was created by the Mega Voxels team to construct 8-bit voxel art with ease.

If you want to learn how to use Mega Voxels check out our Mega Voxels Tutorials!

What's make this app so incredible is that it packages all the tools you need to allow anyone to start making 3D voxel models with little to no experience. When you first download the app you might see some similarities between other types of art and even mobile games that you've seen before. The blocks on the screen align in a grid similar to the way pixels are aligned in pixel art images. This process of adding and deleting cubes looks like something made inside of Minecraft. However, Mega Voxels is much more than a 3D pixel art editor and gives you access to powerful tools and features that help you make your own voxel art creations that you can use in your games and projects.

Mega Voxels Play is a mobile voxel editor

This voxel editor app installs on both iOS and Android. It is widely accessible for any creator because it is free to download and use for personal or commercial projects. The app itself was designed to be light and quick light, so it opens up fast and is very responsive even on low end devices. Also its install space is very minimal so you don't have to worry about it taking a large chunk of the storage space on your device.
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When you open up the app you are presented with a simple interface that is designed to show you only relevant commands and actions. Unlike other voxel editors, Mega Voxels shows commands and tools that only make sense if you are in a situation to use them. So if you want to add voxels, the add tool bar shows you different brush types for adding voxels to your model and nothing else making it very simple understand the interface even if its your first time using it. On top of that the app comes with all the voxel editing tools you come to expect including the ability to add, delete and color voxels.

One of its greatest resources is that it has a Shop tab on the bottom left where you can browse hundreds of voxel models. Everything from cars to houses to castles can be found. These models can be added to an existing scene that you're working on or to a brand new scene.

Mega Voxels Play Shop

In addition to these the latest update includes premium scenes that can be accessed via subscription. These highly detailed scenes come with several models and gorgeous color schemes designed by the Mega Voxels team. This classic western scene is a great example of what you get with the subscription!

Like we mentioned before, Mega Voxels comes with some great tools for editing voxels. The three primary tools can be found when you enter Edit mode on any model. These tools include Add, Erase and Paint. The Add tool allows you to add voxels to your voxel model very similar to the way you would add blocks in Minecraft. The Erase tools works just like the Eraser tool in Photoshop. Simply drag over a voxel cube inside your scene and it will delete it. The Paint tool is like the Pencil tool in the original Microsoft Paint. Select a color from the window titled Palette and then simply click on a voxel to change the color.
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In addition to these helpful commands, Mega Voxels provides tools that allow you to move, scale, duplicate and flip models inside the editor in seconds. This speeds up creating voxel models making no matter the shape or size.

One other major feature that Mega Voxels has is a powerful instant rendering engine for making great snapshots of voxel art. This is ideal for any artist sharing their work like on Instagram or Facebook. To enable the render mode on your model simply click the Share button on the top right. Literally what you see is what you get. You can adjust the lighting, floor, and angle. You can even add special effects and add filters you your scene. This makes it possible to create stunning images out of your voxel art.

If you want to become a voxel artist, Mega Voxels is an excellent mobile voxel editor for creating 3D models using voxel cubes. Check out are free Mega Voxels Tutorials to get started. Have fun!


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