Blender Tutorials for Making Voxel Art

Learn to create your own voxel art with our list of Blender tutorials for making voxel art. Browse our list of tutorials, courses and resources to get up to speed on the many features Blender has to offer. Start learning today!

Mega Voxels Tutorials & Resources

Here you can find Blender tutorials for creating voxel art and games by the Mega Voxels Team!

Community Tutorials

Here are some links to Blender tutorials by the community.

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Get the Blender 3D Modeling Software

Check out the official Blender website to get the latest version of the Blender!
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Advanced Tutorials

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Why Learn Blender?

Blender has become a pillar in the world of 3D modeling. Its incredibly popular open source model has created a community like no other. Not only is it free to use but it has a vibrant community of artists, developers and enthusiats who push Blender forward every year. Naturally it didn't take long to find ways of creating voxel art inside this popular modeling tool. What makes this progam unique is that in addition to allowing you to create voxel models, it has all the features that ship with a full blown 3D modeling suite. That mean mapping, texturing, animating and more! And of course this software runs on Windows, macOS and Linux so you won't need to worry about cross platform issues. Our goal at Mega Voxels is to help the next generation of voxel artists create their own creations while supporting the current voxel artist community. If you like the features Blender has to offer we have the tutorials and resources above to help you become the next voxel professional!

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