What is Adobe Photoshop?

Are you excited to learn how to make your own pixel art? Adobe Photoshop is an excellent choice for beginner pixel artists and experts alike.

Photoshop is a professional software by Adobe Inc. for editing and creating raster graphics for Windows and macOS. Because of extremely diverse set of tools and features, Photoshop allows for editing photos, painting new images, and creating pixel art all within the same application. 

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Design on Windows and macOS

One of the great things about Adobe Photoshop is that when you purchase a subscription, you don't have to select a single platform anymore. You can literally run it on a Windows machine one day and run it on a macOS machine the next. Both platforms are supported with a single subscription. Also, all features are available for both operating systems making it great for pixel artists that are collaborating from different teams or shops. Files can be transferred between machines with no data loss.

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Supports Traditional Photo Editing and Pixel Art Creation

Since it's early days, Photoshop made a name for itself as a cutting edge photo editing software. It's world class image editing features allow for creating great looking designs. However since it is a raster-based image editing software it is ideal for creating pixel art. Photoshop is loaded with different tools and brush types for drawing pixel art. And since it is all in the same program, all the high end effects that you apply to traditional photos and graphics can be applied to your pixel art to make a truly unique work of art.

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Constant Updates and Huge Community

An important aspect of any program is the updates. Fortunately, Adobe is truly reliable when it comes to this. For over two decades, Adobe has reliably been making updates to Photoshop. The best part is that all updates are included for free with a subscription. Of course since Photoshop has been around, the community is excellent. There are thousands of tutorials available and many forums dedicated to answering any questions you might have on the software. 

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Pixel Perfect Export Options

Every artist and designer at the end of the day has to export their pixel art either to a social portfolio or game project. What makes Adobe Photoshop so awesome is the awesome export options and features. Not only can you export your pixel art with different file types but Photoshop has the ability to export it pixel perfect. With a few clicks you can share crisp pixel art.

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If you want to become a pixel artist, Adobe Photoshop is an excellent pixel art editor for creating pixel art for your projects and games. Check out are free Photoshop Tutorials to get started. Have fun!


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