Photoshop Tutorials for Making Pixel Art

Learn to make your own pixel art drawings with our list of Photoshop Pixel Art tutorials for creating retro style artwork. All tutorials written by our team use the latest, stable version of Adobe Photoshop. Browse our list of tutorials, courses and resources to get up to speed on creating your own pixel art. Start learning today!

Mega Voxels Tutorials & Resources

Here you can find Photoshop tutorials for creating pixel art and games by the Mega Voxels Team!
These are some quick guides and resources by the team to help you speed up your workflow in Adobe Photoshop.
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Photoshop Courses

We are proud to partner with Udemy as an affiliate and share some of our recommended courses for mastering Adobe Photoshop. These full featured courses cover various features of Photoshop including how to use the photo-editing features in the software including touching up, resizing, and exporting for your projects. Click the links below to learn more.

Community Tutorials

Here are some links to MagicaVoxel tutorials by the community.
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Get Adobe Photoshop

Check out the official Adobe website to get the latest version of the Photoshop editor!
  1. Download Adobe Photoshop

Advanced Tutorials

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Why Learn Photoshop for Pixel Art?

For decades pixel art has been a prominent art form used in top video games and digital graphics with a large number of artists using Adobe Photoshop. Because of its crisp, clean design many programmers and artists alike enjoy making artwork for their projects with this 2D art style. Here we include tutorials and guides on creating high quality pixel art using Adobe Photoshop. These pixelized images can then be used to make image stills and sprites for games. Pixel art is also the predescessor to voxel art. Because of this it can help you when you begin creating your own 3D models using voxels. These skills can be easilty transfered when learning how to create 3D models using a voxel editor. Whatever your goal is we are here to help you get started. The resources below have everything you need to become the next pixel art master!

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