VoxEdit Tutorials For Making Voxel Art

Learn to create your own voxel art with our list of VoxEdit tutorials for making voxel art. Browse our list of tutorials, courses and resources to get up to speed on the many features VoxEdit has to offer. Start learning today!

Mega Voxels Tutorials & Resources

Here you can find VoxEdit tutorials for creating voxel art and games by the Mega Voxels Team!

These are some quick guides and resources by the team to help you speed up your workflow in Mega Voxels Play.

Community Tutorials

Here are some links to VoxEdit tutorials by the community.

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Get the VoxEdit Editor

Check out the official VoxEdit website to get the latest version of the VoxEdit editor!

Advanced Tutorials

Coming Soon...

Why Learn VoxEdit?

VoxEdit has been nearly two years in the making, and we are happy to say it didn't disappoint. VoxEdit since the beginning aimed high by not only supporting traditional voxel tools like you see in other voxel editors, but going the extra mile and adding features that were completely new and original. Some of these innovative features include a built-in rigging and animation system that brings artists voxel models to life like never before. The other major benefit? That artists have an ecosystem where they can sell the voxel assets that they make in the editor to the Sandbox community. This allows artists to do what they love while providing a way to support themselves. And of course their numerous export and import options make this voxel editor very friendly with other popular tools such as MagicaVoxel and Blender. As always our goal at Mega Voxels is to help you hit the ground running. We have provided this page as a repository of tutorials and resources so you can learn everything you need to know about the VoxEdit voxel editor!

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