Goxel Tutorials

Want to start creating your own voxel art? Here you'll find the best Goxel tutorials and resources for bringing your ideas to life. All tutorials written by the Mega Voxels team are using the latest, stable version of Goxel. Start making your own voxel creations using Goxel today!

Mega Voxels Tutorials

Here you can find Goxel tutorials for creating voxel art and games by the Mega Voxels Team!

Community Tutorials

Here are some links to Goxel tutorials by the community.
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Get the Goxel Editor

Check out the official Goxel website to get the latest version of the Goxel editor!
  1. Goxel by Guillaume Chereau

Why Learn Goxel?

Since its initial launch the creator of Goxel sought to create an editor that could be used anywhere and on any platform. This feature alone makes Goxel unique amongst the popular voxel editors today. It runs on virtually every platform including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux making this a very useful editor for today's voxel artist. Along with that you'll find that Goxel has most of the common tools that you would expect from a voxel editor including add, delete and paint tools in addition to some extra features such as layers to keep big scenes organized. Did we mention there is no size limit for models in Goxel? Here at Mega Voxels we want to help the next generation of voxel artists create their own creations while supporting the current voxel artist community. If you like the features Goxel has to offer we have the tutorials and resources above to help you become the next voxel pro!

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