Keyboard Shortcuts for MagicaVoxel

MagicaVoxel has become one of the most used voxel editors today. Its loaded with features for creating great voxel models and comes with a powerful rendering engine for creating great photos. However, to get the most out of MagicaVoxel its super important to learn the keyboard commands and shortcuts for switching between tools and different options. Below is a list of all the keyboard commands in MagicaVoxel:

Project Shortcuts

Key(s) for Mac Key(s) for Windows Description
CMD + S CTRL + S Save Project
CMD + SHIFT + S CTRL + SHIFT + S Save Project As...
CMD + O CTRL + O Open Project
CMD + SHIFT + O CTRL + SHIFT + O Import Project
CMD + P CTRL + P New Project
CMD + SHIFT + P CTRL + SHIFT + P Duplicate Project
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Select Shortcuts

Key(s) Description
CMD + A Select All
CMD + I Select Inverse
CMD + D Deselect All
CMD + C Copy
CMD + X Cut
CMD + V Paste
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Renderer Shortcuts

Key(s) Description
LButton Pick Focus of Depth of Field
OPTION + LButton Pick Voxel Material
CMD + R Reset Material
CMD + C Copy Material
CMD + V Paste Material
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Brush Mode

Key(s) Description
V Voxel Shape Brush
F Face Shape Brush
B Box Shape Brush
L Line Shape Brush
C Center Shape Brush
P Pattern Shape Brush


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