Best Voxel Art Food

In this blog post we have created a list of the best voxel food that was shared through Mega Voxels. Below is the top voxel food and the names of the voxel artists who created them. We are constantly updating this page so be sure to check back for new voxel art!

Voxel Breakfast

Voxel Breakfast

Have you ever seen a more balanced breakfast? This awesome voxel breakfast skillet by @dumping_ground even put a glass of orange juice to help wash it down! Really nice job on the tray and utensils as well. Very cool!
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Voxel Toast

Voxel Art Toast Voxel Art Toast

Everyone loves to eat toast, so what could possible make it better? Turning it into voxel art of course! These delicious combinations were made by @uevoxel. Its really neat to see how different food items were reconstructed using voxels. Excellent work!
*All artwork featured here used under permission by artists


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