Best Voxel Mobile Games for iOS

We have a list of the top voxel mobile games that you can start playing today for iPhone and iPad. Below you can browse the best voxel video games available on the Apple App Store. I'm constantly playing different games that come out using voxel as the predominant style, so you can be sure that these games are a ton of fun!

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an endless arcade hopper made out of voxel art for iPhone.

Crossy Road has become a legend when it comes to voxel style games. This fun little mobile game is surprisingly simple but a blast to play. The objective: Hop across the road without getting hit by cars. This simple game is easy to start playing but becomes tricky as you get farther in the level. Did we mention the floating logs and lighting fast trains? This cool little game is available for iPhone and iPad and is free to play.
  • Name - Crossy Road
  • Price - Free
  • Available on the App Store - Crossy Road
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Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede is a voxel endless runner for iPhone.

Rodeo Stampede is a fun blend of an endless runner and zoo tycoon game. The fun twist though is while you are running through the Savana you actually jump from animal to animal in this fast paced stampede. As you travel farther and farther you can befriend new animals that show up in your zoo. This game is loaded with different worlds and animals that have different behaviors. This game is free to download for iPhone and iPad .

  • Name - Rodeo Stampede
  • Price - Free
  • Available on the App Store - Rodeo Stampede
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Blocky Raider

Blocky Raider is an Endless Hopper Voxel Game for iPhone

Blocky road is a really fun hopper game that puts you in the setting of a voxel version of an Indiana Jones movie. The controls are simple: swipe up, down, left and right to hop from square to square. Of course like any good adventure movie there are tons of obstacles and traps for you to over come. This game is available for iPhone and iPad and is free to play.

  • Name - Blocky Raider
  • Price - Free
  • Available on the App Store -  Blocky Raider
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Wrecking Ball!

Wrecking Ball is a voxel smashing game for iPhone.

Wrecking ball is a blast to play. In this game your whole objective is to throw a wrecking ball at voxel models and smash them to pieces. As you get farther in the levels you have to plan your hits just right to get crush the model in the least moves possible. The game also provides the ability to upgrade your wrecking ball to land more powerful hits. This is definitely a fun time waster and is easy to learn. This game is free to play for iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store.
  • Name - Wrecking Ball
  • Price - Free
  • Available on the App Store - Wrecking Ball


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