Keyboard Shortcuts for Aseprite

Aseprite is a favorite amongst artists when it comes to using a pixel art editor. It is loaded with plenty of features for designing great-looking pixel sprites and comes with a dedicated set of tools for drawing pixel art images. However, to get the most out of using Aseprite its key to learn the keyboard commands and shortcuts for switching between tools and different options. Below is a list of all the keyboard commands in Aseprite:

General Shortcuts

Key(s) for Mac Key(s) for Windows Description
CMD + S CTRL + S Save
CMD + SHIFT + S CTRL + SHIFT + S Save As...
CMD + O CTRL + O Open
CMD + I CTRL + I Import Sprite Sheet
CMD + E CTRL + E Export Sprite Sheet
CMD + Z CTRL + Z Undo
CMD + Y CTRL + Y Redo
CMD + X CTRL + X Cut
CMD + C CTRL + C Copy
CMD + V CTRL + V Paste
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Tools Shortcuts

Key(s) Description
M Rectangular Marquee Tool
B Pencil Tool
E Eraser Tool
E Eraser
I Eyedropper Tool
Z Zoom Tool
V Move Tool
G Paint Bucket Tool
L Line Tool
U Rectangle Tool
D Contour Tool
R Blur Tool
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Selection Shortcuts

Key(s) for Mac Key(s) for Windows Description
CMD + A CTRL + A Select All
CMD + D CTRL + D Deselect All
Shift + CMD + I Shift + CTRL + I Inverse Selection


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