Best Voxel Art Boats

In this blog post we have created a list of the best voxel boats that were shared through Mega Voxels. Below are the top voxel boats and the names of the voxel artists who created them. We are constantly updating this page so be sure to check back for new voxel art!

Arctic Voxel Boat

Voxel Boat in the Arctic

When we saw this amazing arctic boat by @abbot_voxel we were immediately impressed by the surrounding scene in which it was placed. Really nice remake of the arctic landscape, which makes the color and design of the boat look awesome. Very nice work!

Voxel Pirate Shack

This nice little shack looks like the perfect hideout for a pirate and their loot! This voxel piece by @jerehoh puts some great attention to detail on the wooden decking of the boat dock. Nice added touch with the voxel rocks as well. 
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Voxel Boats Riding the Waves

These voxel waves by @danchq are totally radical! We were so taken by this epic scene of these boats riding through these serious waves. Needless to say, making voxel waves is no easy task, but making them look this good, is next level. Nicely done!!

Voxel Ice Boat 

This voxel ice boat by @deaddiskdrive looks like it belongs in a movie! We're dying to know the plot behind this one. Totally dig the suspense creating with the camera angle, lighting, and voxel ice surrounding the boat. Way to go!
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Voxel Boat Battle Scene

You can feel the battle about to break loose in this awesome voxel piece by @jerehoh. Aside from the cool voxel ship, there is so many small details happening on the walls of this fortress. Not to mention all the action happening around the voxel mountains in the background. Excellent job!

Voxel Frog Boat Cruise

Here's another great piece from @pintokyogames from their upcoming title. Not only is this top notch voxel art, it looks really fun. How cool are those frogs? A lot of interesting details happening in the water as well. We can't wait to get our hands on this one.  
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Voxel Boat Docking

Wow, where do we start on this one? This is just one more great piece in the series of boat scenes by @jerehoh. Why did we choose this one? The insane details! Not only is the ship packed with detail, but check out the cobblestone walkway, the building, and those trees. Awesome work!

War of the Worlds Voxel Fan Art

This piece by @pintokyogames is so epic! Get a look at this awesome voxel fan art of War of the Worlds. It's all happening in here. Can't say enough about those alien robots, and if you look close, you'll see all the boating action going on all over the water. 
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Bricked Boat Shipment

We are such fans of the brick effect on voxel art, and it's use here by @pintokyogames is superb! It takes skill to show off so many details and still get such a clean look. @pintokyogames gots this very polished art style down. Nicely done!

Voxel Island With Boat Dock

Who wouldn't want to hang out on this cool voxel island with your own personal boat dock?  @super_mayo gets 10 out of 10 on best voxel vacation spots! We appreciate the clever use of voxels in this particular grid size. The white mansion totally pops against the other colors in the scene. So nice...


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