Best Voxel Art Rooms

In this blog post we have created a list of the best voxel rooms that were shared through Mega Voxels. Below are the top voxel rooms and the names of the voxel artists who created them. We are constantly updating this page so be sure to check back for new voxel art!

Pink Voxel Room and Kitchen

 Pink Voxel Room Pink Voxel Kitchen

The interior design on this amazing piece of voxel art by @quang.pham.2210 was a huge hit on Mega Voxels last year. When you start looking at how many detailed pieces of voxel art actually make up this room you can see why this was a favorite. And then of course the color pink really pulled it all together. Excellent job!

Voxel Home Office

Voxel Home Office Voxel Office Space

This voxel home office by @dumping_ground is like the voxel artist dream workspace. The lighting looks really cool, but I have to admit what really stood out to me was the voxel representation of the different pieces of technology in the room. The computer monitor, the laptop, even a drawing tablet. So clean and creative! Nice work.


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