Mega Voxels reaches 18,000 on Instagram

Mega Voxels has hit a new milestone! We have officially reached 18,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you all for your support either by following us or sharing us with your friends. We could not do this without you!

Just a quick update, we have some major things in store in the near future. Something we are really excited about is Voxel Jams for artists. These will be very similar to game jams but with voxel art creations! Also if you're into video games we are currently working on bringing the greatest voxel style games right to you on our new Play page! Lastly be sure to keep an eye on our Voxel Art Tutorial Library page. We are adding new resources every day to help you create your own voxel creations!

Once again thanks for your support. If you have any suggestions or feedback contact us on our Facebook Page or our Instagram Page. Also if you aren't following us already check us out on the Explore page! Lets continue to change the world, one voxel at a time! :)


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