Mega Voxel Jam 2019 Results

Wow! The first ever Mega Voxel Jam was definitely a blast! We had so many voxel artists participating from so many different places around the world. Just seeing the creativity and the same passion for voxel art was just a great feeling. There was so much feedback from the voxel community and even people who were just seeing voxel art for the first time. It was so busy that as I was doing the final tally for the votes, there were still votes coming in (that's partially why this post is a little late). The competition was fierce however and here are the results:

1st Place - @Pintokyogames

Total Points: 2,218 points

Just a gorgeous piece of art by @pintokyogames . Not only did they create multiple types of animals which went perfect for the jam, but they created a wonderfully designed environment for them to hang out in. And then it was so clever including some Easter eggs like the frog from their upcoming game. Congratulations @pintokyogames for taking home the gold trophy in our first ever Mega Voxel Jam!


2nd Place - @Danidesa3D

Total Points:1357 Points

Recreating some classic characters was definitely a fun idea, but making a brand new world for them to exist in is what really made them shine! The platforms really makes you wish this was a game, and the water section came out really neat as well. Congratulations @Danidesa3D on taking home the silver trophy in our first ever Mega Voxel Jam!


3rd Place - @Sarah_gapp

Total Points: 1214 points

There is definitely something special about this tiny little critters that just steals everyones heart! So simple and small and yet they came out perfect! Needless to say the colors are just the right blend of shades and contrast! We had a feeling that when @Sarah_gapp entered we wouldn't be disappointed and that's exactly what happened! Congratulations @Sarah_gapp on taking home the bronze trophy in our first ever Mega Voxel Jam!


Editors Choice - @dimasvoxel

Total Points: 893 points

When @dimasvoxel decided to enter this piece into the Mega Voxel Jam we were immediately impressed by the sheer creativity! Creating a little aquarium out of a glass bottle is very unique. However there is no denying the detail that went into this piece. The fish look amazing and the little reef inside looks awesome. Of course this matched perfect with the theme "Animals". Congratulations @dimasvoxel on winning the Editor's Choice of the first Mega Voxel Jam.


Runners Up


Points: 857 points

Points: 855 points

Thank You!

I just want to say thank you to all the artists that submitted their artwork to our first Voxel Jam. All the pieces were incredible and unique in their own way. Because of that I have decided to save a reserved spot for all the participants of the jam on top of our profile. I will be contacting the winners in the next couple of days to go over their featured spots and stories. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the next voxel jam contact us on Instagram or Facebook. We are always open to new ideas. Thanks again everyone. Let's change the world one voxel at a time! :)


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