Best Voxel Art Space Ships

In this blog post we have created a list of some great voxel space ships that were shared through Mega Voxels. Below are voxel trees and the names of the voxel artists who created them. We are constantly updating this page so be sure to check back for new voxel art!

MX-118 Voxel Space Ship

What makes the MX-118 by @henry_voxel such a cool voxel space ship is that if you look closely you'll notice there is quite a bit of traditional architecture that went into the design. Of course the quality shading and lighting effects bring the ship to life. Very cool concept.

Voxel X-Wing and Death Star

Seen as one of the most iconic movie scenes in sci-fi history, this stunning voxel remake of the X-wing firing the single shot at the Death Star is truly a masterpiece to behold. Needless to say it looks phenomenal, but one can't deny the sheer amount of detail that went into this scene. The Death Star alone has thousands and thousands of voxels that went into its construction.
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Atmospheric Voxel Space Ship

This voxel space ship by @massgyoza immediately gave us some Halo vibes. This massive ship has the same identity of the traditional carriers from the series. Like the added lighting effects that were placed on key parts of the ship.

Voxel Glider for PixelGun 3D

When it comes to content made for PixelGun 3D, @elena_dudnakova is an expert! This awesome voxel glider is a great example of some her work. The neon color scheme glows flawlessly and looks straight out of the world of TRON. 
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Voxel Ship with Attachable Arm

This cool little space ship by @brujobeats is a fun take on this sci-fi category. The bulkiness of the ship and the detachable arm make this ship look like it comes from the Minions series. Bright, lively colors make this ship look fast and friendly.

Voxel Cyber Punk Space Ship

Another unique space ship by @henry_voxel ! Again if you notice, this ship has a surprisingly large amount of architecture built into the design. Of course the thruster effects and the lighting really give this voxel space ship a cool futuristic look.
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High Speed Voxel Space Ship

This spaceship by the @toolvox team looks like it was built for speed! The structure of the ship looks great and the twin turbo engines on the front make the body of the ship look fast. Great color scheme as well.

Voxel UFO Ship

This cool little voxel flying saucer by @williamsantacruz3d was a favorite amongst our followers probably because it symbolizes what we all think of when we hear the word UFO. The blocky look of the voxels makes the ship look great and the lighting effects make it look like its hovering in place.
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Magical Voxel Space Ship

This magical voxel ship by @star.vox came out really great. Even despite the minimal voxel count, it doesn't take away from the ship at all. The emission effects on the trail and blaster bolts look really cool too.
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