Keyboard Shortcuts for Goxel

Goxel has grown into one of the most widely accessed voxel editors today. Its ships with dozens of features for creating amazing voxel models and comes with a set of great tools for constructing voxel art scenes. However, to maximize productivity with Goxel its very important to learn the keyboard commands and shortcuts for switching between tools and different options. Below is a list of all the keyboard commands in Goxel:

General Shortcuts

Key(s) for Mac Key(s) for Windows Description
CMD + S CTRL + S Save Project
CMD + SHIFT + S CTRL + SHIFT + S Save Project As...
CMD + O CTRL + O Open Project
CMD + Z CTRL + Z Undo
CMD + Y CTRL + Y Redo
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Tools Shortcuts

Key(s) Description
B Brush
S Shape
L Laser
P Plane
M Move
C Color Picker
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Camera View Shortcuts

Key(s) Description
3 Right
1 Front
7 Top
5 Default


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