How To Make Voxel Art

In this post we will show you how to make voxel art. We will also discuss which voxel editor works best for your voxel art projects.

How to Make Voxel Art

If you follow Mega Voxels on Instagram or Facebook you have probably seen some of the amazing voxel art created by voxel artists from around the globe. Everything from cars, houses and trees to dragons, castles and monsters are created and shared everyday to millions of people.

So how do you make voxel art? Fortunately making voxel art is actually easy to pick up and quite fun to learn. Of course some of the more detailed voxel models you see will take more time and more advanced tools and techniques. But to actually make something great using voxels is definitely within your reach.
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Basic Steps to Making Voxel Art

Generally speaking, these are the steps you will need to take to start making voxel art today:
  1. Choose a Voxel Editor like MagicaVoxel or Mega Voxels Play to create your voxel art
  2. Learn how to add, delete, move and paint voxels using different tools inside the editor
  3. Export your voxel art as a model or an image for your project
We will dive more into each of these steps, but this is really what you need to understand to start making great voxel art today. 

Choose a Voxel Editor

The first step to becoming a legendary voxel artist is to choose a voxel editor. Now even though an editor is a program that runs on a computer, I want you to think of it as a toolbox for creating voxel art models. Just like a painter has their own set of paint brushes, paints and canvases, you as a voxel artist will have your own set of tools for making artwork.

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What is a Voxel Editor? 

So like the name implies, a voxel editor is a software for creating voxel models. Most voxel editors give artists the ability to add, delete, move and paint voxels. The differences come with more advanced features like rendering or available export options. However the main purpose of all of these different programs is to help creators build their own voxel art.

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Which Voxel Editor should I use?

Now how does one choose which voxel editor to use? As for which ones are the most popular, we have noticed a trend between two major programs. The two are MagicaVoxel and Mega Voxels Play. MagicaVoxel is used extensively for prints and creating artwork for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook because of its powerful rending engine. What this means is you get really great lighting effects as well as shadows and shades. It even has the ability to make voxels transparent to create really cool glass effects. However MagicaVoxel is a little limited when it comes to Export options. This is where Mega Voxels Play is really powerful. It comes with a fast rendering engine like MagicaVoxel, but also supports just about every model and file type you can think of, making this ideal for game developers, artists and creators. If you use a game engine, Mega Voxels Play supports OBJ export. If you plan on sharing to social media it also has an image and video exporter built in. And of course if you want to export anything to MagicaVoxel, it also provides a VOX exporter. Now we encourage you to read our post Best Voxel Editors so you can make sure you choose the voxel editor that fits your needs depending on your project. If you read our post and still aren’t sure, have no fear. These programs both support each others files so you can transfer back and forth if you decide you need the other program.
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Learn How to Create Voxel Models

So if you made it here you most likely have chosen a voxel editor. Before you jump into any tutorials I want to shed a little light on making voxel art. When working with voxel models its like working with blocks in real life. Basically imagine you have a 3D cube like a dice or a single lego piece. Just like you would stack or connect blocks in real life to create structures, voxels work exactly the same way. The only difference is that you will be using the tools inside of the voxel editor to stack these pieces together.

If you visit our Voxel Art Tutorial Library page, you can find tutorials on just about every voxel editor that we talked about. Let us know if you need any help!


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