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Mega Voxels is the #1 website in the world to learn how to create games and art using voxels and pixels. Voxels are tiny 3D blocks used to make artwork and video games! We offer dozens of free tutorials and resources for artists, creators and developers to build their own voxel and pixel creations. Follow us to view the latest and greatest voxel art and voxel games from around the globe. Share your voxel creations at Mega Voxels with the world!

What are Voxels?

In 3D computer graphics, a voxel is a value on a grid in three-dimensional space.

Voxels, also known as volumetric pixels, are cubes that you can position inside of a 3D grid to build models. Like digital blocks, voxels can be use to build all kinds of creations such as houses, cars, castles and more. Each voxel has a 3D coordinate where it is placed inside of the grid. In addition to a position, voxels are also assigned a color that is displayed when they are added to the grid. Since all voxels are the same size, it makes them incredibly easy to use. Voxels are then combined together to create models which are known as voxel art.

What is a Voxel Editor?

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If you're interested in creating your own 3d voxel art models you'll need a voxel editor to get started. A voxel editor is special type of software used by artists and creators to create 3D voxel models. These voxel programs allow you to build incredible objects and scenes using blocks called voxels. Once constructed these voxel models can be used for several purposes such as sharing photos to social media and making 3D models for video games. We have a list of our favorite voxel editors for creating voxel art for graphics as well as games.

What are Voxel Games?


Voxel games on have become a huge favorite with gamers over the past few years because they give players the ability to explore and build while in the game! Voxel games are video games that are created using voxel blocks. Players are able to use these blocks to craft new items for their journey and even create bases to live in. We have compiled a list of our favorite voxel based games for PC. These video games are full of crafting, building, collecting and more.

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