Common Voxel Editors

Voxels are the blocks of the future. To make your own voxel art or games you'll need a voxel editor. We have a list of the most common voxel editors used by voxel artists from around the world. These apps have plenty of tutorials and a large community for support. View our list of voxel software below:
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MagicaVoxel is one of the most popular, free voxel editor available for creating voxel art models. It has all the tools you need to delete, edit, add and paint voxels. It also comes with a powerful rendering engine for creating some amazing images for sharing. If you want to use the model in a game engine or separate 3D program, it also supports obj export.

Learn about the Magicavoxel Voxel Editor

  • Full Featured Voxel Editor for Adding, Editing, Deleting and Painting Voxels
  • Powerful Built-In Rendering Engine
  • Multiple Export Formats including .OBJ, .QB, and .PNG
Operating Systems: Windows, macOS
Price: Free
Installation Instructions: How to Install MagicaVoxel
Learn How to Use MagicaVoxelMagicaVoxel Tutorials

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Mega Voxels 

Mega Voxels Play Editor

Mega Voxels is a free voxel editor app developed by us for creating voxel art models on smart phones and tablets. It is packed with different tools and features so you can add, delete and paint voxel models. It comes with instant rendering that allows you to share crisp images and videos. The app supports for the obj export format and MagicaVoxel vox format. It also works wells with MagicaVoxel.

Learn about the Mega Voxels Editor

  • Full Featured Mobile Voxel Editor for Adding, Deleting and Painting Voxel Models
  • Instant Rendering Engine
  • Multiple Export Formats including .OBJ and .VOX
  • Developed by the Mega Voxels Team
Operating Systems: Android, iOS
Price: Free
Download for Free: Get Mega Voxels
Learn How to Use Mega VoxelsMega Voxels Tutorials

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Qubicle is another common voxel editor for creating voxel models for images and games. Like MagicaVoxel, it also supports tools for creating and editing voxel models. Qubicle does have some features in the software you won't find anywhere else however, like an unlimited matrix size (size of the model) and easy to use color picker. One huge advantage of Qubicle is the tons of different export formats it supports such as FBX, DAE, and OBJ.

Learn about the Qubicle Voxel Editor

  • Full Fledged Voxel Editor with the ability to Add, Edit, Delete and Paint voxels
  • Support for Voxel models larger than the traditional 128x128x128 constraint of MagicaVoxel
  • Numerous export options including .FBX and .DAE, which are widely used file types in Game Development
Operating Systems: Windows, macOS
Price: Free Trial (no export), $99 Indie License 
Installation Instructions: How to Install Qubicle
Learn How to Use QubicleQubicle Tutorials

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Goxel is another widely used, open source voxel editor for desktop and mobile devices. Like other editors  it also supports common functionality such as editing, deleting and creating voxels. A powerful feature of Goxel is the ability to use layers like in Photoshop to keep your independent voxel models separated from each other in a single scene. By far its biggest plus of this voxel software is its pretty much available anywhere: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Learn about the Goxel Voxel Editor

  • Complete Voxel Editor for creating, editing and painting voxel models
  • Desktop Version Free to Use for Personal and Commercial Projects
  • Mobile Version available for creating voxel art
Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Price (Desktop): Free
Price (Mobile): $4.99
Installation Instructions: Goxel
Learn How to Use GoxelGoxel Tutorials

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VoxEdit is a free software for creating voxel models for The Sandbox Game. It has gained in popularity recently with the launch of the Sandbox Game. It supports Windows and Mac. It is similar to MagicaVoxel and Qubicle as it also supports a common feature set such as editing, deleting and creating voxels. A unique feature of VoxEdit however is the ability to not only rig character voxel models created in VoxEdit but also animate them as well.

Learn about the VoxEdit Voxel Editor

  • Full Featured Voxel Editor for creating voxel models
  • Built in rigging tools for animating voxel characters
  • Support for the Sandbox Game 
Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Linux
Price (Desktop): Free
Learn How to Use VoxEditVoxEdit Tutorials

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Blender for Making Voxel Art

Blender is an incredibly popular open-source modeling software for creating 3D models. It supports Windows, macOS and Linux. Unlike traditional voxel editors, Blender is a fully featured 3D modeling suite. You can model, animate, rig and export models directly inside the program. With minor modifications, Blender can be used to make and convert 3D models into voxel models. This also has a very large of community of artists.

  • Full Featured 3D Modeling Software
  • Built in tools for modeling, rigging, animating and mapping models
  • Many export options including FBX, DAE, OBJ and more
Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Linux
Price (Desktop): Free
Installation Instructions: How to Install Blender
Learn How to Use BlenderBlender Tutorials

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